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Free Open Beta Launching September 1st, 2021.

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Are you a magazine, newspaper, website or blog?
Here's how Joujo can help you save time and money.

Publish more content for less
Improve your online presence
Stop overworking your writers
Keep less writers on your payroll
Pay only for the content you want
Broaden your authors to get noticed
No time-zone restrictions
Work with experts from anywhere
Get an international view on affairs

Optimized functionality for both sides

Joujo was created with both parties in mind. Editors no longer have to deal with turning down pitches they aren't interested in, and spammed inboxes. Journalists can write about what they are passionate about or feeling in that moment, without being restricted to one publication.

A win-win!

Outlets View (Buyer)

Post a prompt! Journalists on Joujo can apply to write the article. Pick the best fit for the job based on experience, expertise, and more.

Journalist View (Seller)

Post a pitch! Pitch your article in a few words and get commissioned by whoever purchased it first, and get paid as soon as you are done.

One platform, all your needs.

We worked with both editors and journalists to create Joujo. Here are some of the issues encountered by both parties when working with each other, and how Joujo addresses them.

Working with Deadlines
Time efficiency is crucial when it comes to getting an article published.
When pitching a post or prompt, it is a requirement to give an estimate date and time of completion.
This means...
Same day commissioning
No late stories
Writers get paid immediately
More content published
Both parties stay organized
Global Perspective
Broaden your content spectrum through our variety of international and multicultural journalists for a new perspective on news and current affairs.
Never fall behind
When commissioning articles by email, by the time an agreement is reached the story might be outdated or irrelevant. Joujo streamlines the negotiation process through a pitch and prompt system.
Spam and Morale
Editors often receive hundreds of pitches and are unable to reply to most, while journalists spend hours pitching. No more spammed inboxes and no more countless hours emailing. A win-win for both parties.
Credibility and Reputation
Traditionally, verifying credentials and experience was another extra step when commissioning an article. Joujo manually vets its journalists who each have a profile, biography, and badges of expertise.
No More Contracts
We've talked to freelancers who have often had to sign short term contracts, defeating the purpose of them working as a freelancer. Joujo eliminates the need for contracts and journalists can write for who they want.
Fast and Simple
Just sign up as a buyer and gain instant access. If you are a journalist, upload writing samples and you will be approved or denied within 48 hours.
Review and Submit
Buyer not satisfied? Rather than risking not getting paid or getting paid less, writers have the option to re-submit an article.

Joujo aims to revolutionize the world of freelance journalism through a hassle-free experience for both outlets and writers.

"Joujo seems like a promising solution for freelance journalists, in particular when organisations are limited from keeping only a few full time employees on their payroll. Most articles for my publication are either penned by me or freelance contributors with worldwide presence."

- Vineet Malik, Award Winning Journalist and Editor-In-Chief of "The Revelation"

"The best money I have spent in my life. Thanks to Wonder, We saw a 120% increase in conversion rates and doubled revenue in three hours. I want to thank all the flowyak's team for making these results possible. Their only goal is to make small startups succeed and they are very good at it. We are one of the many living proofs.".

Being a full-time freelance journalist
is still possible

More and more professionals are turning to freelance. Work when you want, and from where you want. Joujo makes this dream a reality through our free to use platform. No subscription fees, ever.

How to let outlets you've worked with know that you're moving to Joujo

Scared to make the leap? Read our blog post explaining how you should notify your usual buyers that you will only be accepting work commissioned through our platform for yours and their protection.

Get published anywhere and everywhere

Don't limit yourself to nearby publications. Pitch your articles to be seen by outlets from all over the world!

Frequently asked questions

Can journalists see each other's pitches?
No. This is to protect originality and prevent plagiarism. Only buyers can see pitches from every journalist. Journalists who have created fake buyer accounts to view other pitches will be permanently banned from Joujo.
How much will Joujo cost?
Nothing. We know how stressful and low-reward the world of journalism is, and understand that most pursue it because of a passion for it. We take a small commission from every article sold rather than charge a subscription.
What happens if the buyer isn't satisfied?
If the quality is deemed to be noticeably inferior than what was promised, a dispute will be settled by us. Otherwise, revisions are possible until the buyer is satisfied with the content.
When will I get paid for my content?
We charge the buyer's account as soon as the pitch is ordered or the prompt is commissioned. However, the buyer is protected by us and can file a dispute if not satisfied. Of course, the article may not be published.
Is this Joujo's final version?
No, our beta that will be released in September is built with no-code platform In the future, we would like to transition to a website rather than web-app. We are happy to receive suggestions! contact us.
Can anybody join?
No, only journalists or student journalists with writing samples may join. Writing samples are not limited to category or type of content, we accept anything from articles to listicles and opinion pieces.
What about other forms of journalism?
In the future, we hope to expand to the world of video journalism. However, we are too busy focused on the present, but never say never! Video journalism is constantly growing as well, and we are keeping an eye.
How much should I charge?
We know this is hard. We implemented an algorithm to provide you with a suggested price, but you should check out our blog post to really decide how much to price your work as, there are numerous factors involved.

Get Notified When We Launch

Our goal is to launch our open beta on September 1st, 2021. Whether you're representing an outlet, or you are an editor or a journalist, leave your email below and get notified. We will not use your contact information for marketing or distribute it to third parties.

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