How To Tell The World You'll be Working Through Joujo

Everything starts somewhere. Without you, our journalists, Joujo would be nothing. Although we are still in our open Beta, our functionality allows for a pleasant experience handling the transaction between outlets and journalists. We understand that it might be scary to make the change, and not all of your usual clients will understand your decision, so here are some tips on how to go about breaking the news to them.

On LinkedIn

Let all of your connections know why you're moving to Joujo. Here is a sample announcement you can use:

"Hey Everyone! I'm just quickly announcing that from now on I will only be accepting commissions via Joujo is a new platform dedicated to freelance journalism. Writers, such as myself, can pitch articles to multiple outlets with just one click. Also, outlets can post prompts that writers can apply to write. The reason I am moving is because Joujo ensures journalists get paid for their work, and that outlets receive high quality articles. The best part of it is that Joujo is completely free to join! Here is my referral link: [insert your referral link] "

Via Email

Next time you're offered a short term contract with the goal of pumping the most words out of you for the least money possible, here is what you can tell them:

"Dear Editor,

Short term contracts such as the one you have presented me no longer have a place in the freelance industry. I want to be able to write about what I want, for who I want, and when I want. That's the whole point of going freelance! Which is why I currently only accept commissions and pitch articles through Joujo is a platform dedicated to ensuring a smooth transaction between outlets and freelance journalists. I'm sure you will also find it beneficial, as you can offer commissions to all registered freelance journalists on the platform with just one click! Joujo is completely free to join, here is my referral link: [insert your referral link]

Best Regards,

Luca "

Once they visit our website, they will be sold. Our features and functionality shown on our landing page will be the what seals the deal! Suffering from writer's block? Here are some tips on how to overcome it.